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Since the component is written in TypeScript, we can also provide the generated types.

The GitHub repository contains a sample TypeScript application created with the Fiori Generator. You can find the example app in the example folder.


Generate an app with the Fiori Tools Generator in TypeScript or use the Easy UI5 TS Generator.


You can consume the types from the @sapui5/ts-types-esm and the ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter package.

    "types": ["@sapui5/ts-types-esm", "ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter"],
    "typeRoots": ["./node_modules"]


Add the component usage and the resource roots to the manifest.json as described in the Getting Started section.

⚠️ The resourceRoots path "./thirdparty/customcontrol/spreadsheetimporter/v1_1_1" changed from version 0.34.0 to lowercase. Please make sure to use the correct path.

        "componentUsages": {
            "spreadsheetImporter": {
                "name": "cc.spreadsheetimporter.v1_1_1"
        "resourceRoots": {
            "cc.spreadsheetimporter.v1_1_1": "./thirdparty/customcontrol/spreadsheetimporter/v1_1_1"

Custom Action

This is an example of how you could create the component and attach an event handler to the checkBeforeRead event with the types Component and Component$CheckBeforeReadEventParameters for the event parameters with an OData V4 Fiori Elements Application and UI5 Version 1.116.

import Component, { Component$ChangeBeforeCreateEvent, Component$CheckBeforeReadEvent, Component$UploadButtonPressEvent } from "cc/spreadsheetimporter/v1_1_1/Component";
import BaseController from "sap/fe/core/BaseController";
import ExtensionAPI from "sap/fe/core/ExtensionAPI";

export async function openSpreadsheetUploadDialog(this: ExtensionAPI) {
    const view = this.getRouting().getView();
    const controller = view.getController() as BaseController;
    const spreadsheetUpload = (await controller.getAppComponent().createComponent({
        usage: "spreadsheetImporter",
        async: true,
        componentData: {
            context: this,
            activateDraft: true
    })) as Component;
    // event to check before uploaded to app
    spreadsheetUpload.attachCheckBeforeRead(function (event: Component$CheckBeforeReadEvent) {
        // example
        const sheetData = event.getParameter("sheetData") as any;
        let errorArray = [];
        for (const [index, row] of sheetData.entries()) {
            //check for invalid price
            for (const key in row) {
                if (key.endsWith("[price]") && row[key].rawValue > 100) {
                    const error = {
                        title: "Price too high (max 100)",
                        row: index + 2,
                        group: true,
                        rawValue: row[key].rawValue,
                        ui5type: "Error"
        (event.getSource() as Component).addArrayToMessages(errorArray);
    }, this);

    // event example to prevent uploading data to backend
    spreadsheetUpload.attachUploadButtonPress(function (event: Component$UploadButtonPressEvent) {
    }, this);

    // event to change data before send to backend
    spreadsheetUpload.attachChangeBeforeCreate(function (event: Component$ChangeBeforeCreateEvent) {
        let payload = event.getParameter("payload");
        // round number from 12,56 to 12,6
        if (payload.price) {
            payload.price = Number(payload.price).toFixed(1)
        return payload;
    }, this);