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wdi5 Tests

The UI5 Custom Control Spreadsheet Upload is used in many different scenarios. To ensure that changes do not affect the function, the basic function and a few other additional functions are tested with wdi5 tests.

The overview of which scenarios are covered by wdi5 tests can be found here: wdi5 tests


wdi5 is used in the test setup in the examples folder in the test folder.
As pnpm is used, with pnpm i, all the packages, including wdio-ui5-service, are installed.


The basic config file is the wdio-base.conf.js file.
To avoid having to create a separate configuration file for each scenario, logic is integrated into the file so that the appropriate variables are automatically drawn, for example the port or the appropriate spec files.
The data for this is stored in the testapps.json file.

Run tests

You can run the tests for OData V2 and V4 UI5 Version 108 in the root folder with:

npm run test:v4fe:108
npm run test:v2fe:108

which will run pnpm --filter ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter-sample test -- -- ordersv4fe 108.
So, you can run all the other apps like

pnpm --filter ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter-sample test -- -- ordersv4fe 84

Run single spec

You can also run single test specs. You need to go to the examples folder for this.
For example, you can run the test spec OpenSpreadsheetUploadDialog with OData V2 FE UI5 Version 96 with:

npm run test -- ordersv2fe  96 --spec OpenSpreadsheetUploadDialog

Run headless

The wdi5 tests in GitHub Actions must run headless, which is also possible to call locally with:

pnpm --filter ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter-sample test -- -- --headless ordersv4fe 84

GitHub Actions

As specified in the testapps.json file, the GitHub Action Workflow will run on every Pull Request push, testing scenarios with all current UI5 Maintenance Versions and is written in wdi5-test.yml.

More info at GitHub Actions