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OPA5 Tests

OPA5 Tests are used here to check the more unit-like functionality of the app.


The ui5-test-runner by Arnaud Buchholz is installed and run from the examples folder. Tests are currently only in OData V4 FE Example.


There is no config file. With the ui5-test-runner, only the opaTests.qunit.html is called.

Run tests

You can run the tests for OData V4 and UI5 Version 108 in the root folder with:

npm run start:v4fe:108
npm run test:opa:v4fe:108

which will run pnpm --filter ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter-sample ui5-test-runner --url http://localhost:8080/test/integration/opaTests.qunit.html.
All information about the run is in the folder ./examples/report.
So you can run all the other versions like 96 and 84 with the right port.

GitHub Actions

The GitHub Action Workflow will run on every Pull Request push, testing the V4 Versions and is written down in opa5-test.yml.

More info at GitHub Actions