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Central Deployment

The basic idea behind the development of the UI5 Spreadsheet upload was that the control always be deployed with each app.
But there is also the possibility to deploy the control centrally on the backend.
It should be noted that the control is consumed version indipendently. This makes it more independent and a new version can always be deployed.

Currently there is no automatic possibility to do this automatically. Therefore, here are the instructions on how to upload the UI5 Spreadsheet centrally in an ABAP on premise system.

Deployment to On-Premise ABAP System

1. Clone Repo

git clone

2. Install Dependencies

pnpm install


npm install

3. Change ui5-deploy.yaml

For the deployment, you have to change the default ui5-deploy.yaml to your settings.
When deploying a new version, it is important to use a different app name. This is always done automatically with a new version.
For this purpose, the variable XXXnamespaceShortXXX in the file ui5-deploy-publish.yaml must not be changed.
If you want to use your own app name, it is important to change the name for newer versions, otherwise other versions will be overwritten.

4. Set Up Enviroment Variables (Deployment from VS Code)

Remove TEMPLATE from the .envTEMPLATE file and enter your username and password for the ABAP System.
If you deploy from BAS, remove the credentials section in the yaml file.

5. Run Deployment

cd packages/ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter
npm run deploy

Consuming in Fiori App

Perform the same steps as you did in Getting Started.
It is not necessary to install the control using npm and the entry resourceRoots in the manifest.json.