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Sample Apps

On the Page Supported Versions you can see which versions are supported. To make sure all those versions are supported, tests are run with the sample apps.
I also make these sample apps available to you on the Live Demo.


To make the deployment of the sample apps to the server providing the Live Demo easier, I use Docker.
The Dockerfile is available in the examples folder (see Dockerfile). The Dockerfile is created on every push to the main branch (see GitHub Workflow), pushed to the Docker Hub, and then deployed to the server.
The Docker image is build for AMD64 and ARM64 platforms.

How to use the Dockerfile

Pull the Docker Image

docker pull greatoceandrive/ui5-spreadsheet-importer-examples

Run the Docker Image

docker run -p 4004:4004 greatoceandrive/ui5-spreadsheet-importer-examples

Build the Docker Image yourself (optional)

git clone
cd ui5-cc-spreadsheetimporter
docker build -t ui5-spreadsheet-importer-examples -f examples/Dockerfile .
docker run -p 4004:4004 ui5-spreadsheet-importer-examples